I don’t watch football. I’ve just never got the appeal of 20 men covered in mud chasing a bit of leather around a field. But you can’t avoid the whole FIFA stuff that’s all over the news at the moment.

Sepp Blatter has said he “can’t monitor everyone all of the time”. Of course he can’t. And as your business grows you’ll have the same problem – you can’t monitor what everyone is doing, nor should you have to.

This is where ‘culture’ comes in.

The culture you create is omnipresent and makes sure everyone knows what is and isn’t acceptable. It’s everywhere, all of the time.

Once your business get’s past 10 people you better make damn sure that culture is something you’re actively paying attention to ensure you have the culture you want. It’s not something you can forget about as the company grows either. As more people join the organisation, the culture can change – especially with bigger personalities.

So culture is something you need to pay regular attention to. As the founder or CEO the “actions of individuals” working in your company are your responsibility.

If you neglect it then a culture will develop regardless and it might not be the culture you want.