It’s 2 years this month since I sold KashFlow. It’s been a quite couple of years. Moving house, running Cat 6 cables everywhere, playing with home automation/IoT, spending a lot of time with my girls, learning to chill a bit and be less impatient.

But things have got busy again all of a sudden. As well as winning a Pride of Britain award (on your telly box tonight, ITV 8pm), I’ve also just launched a new product – see the TechCrunch write up.

What’s Supdate?

It’s a simple tool to help early-stage companies efficiently keep their investors up-to-date on business progress.

It’s something that on the surface sounds easy to do. But it’s really not. Facing a blank email at the beginning of each month is intimidating. It’s so much easier to turn your attention to something easier like releasing a product update or making a sales call.

The goal of Supdate is to make it much quicker and easier to do, and also ensuring the report is of real use to your investors.

At the moment it’s all fairly basic – although still very useful. Already today I’m inundated with emails with positive feedback and suggestions for improvements and additions.

It reminds me of the early days of KashFlow when it was a basic invoicing app. We listened to the feedback, acted on it and things went pretty well. Hopefully the same will happen here.

It doesn’t (yet!) take up all of my time, so I still get to spend time on other business-y things like mentoring and advising smaller tech firms and some consulting for bigger ones. But it’s so nice to have my own product to play with again.

Give it a go (it’s free) and let me know what you think: