Just over six months ago I announced that my business, KashFlow, had been acquired by IRIS.

Going from running the show to working for someone else in a 600 person organisation was always going to be, erm – different!

I knew that and the new owners knew that. So rather than make firm plans for the future, we agreed I should focus on getting the business handed over to them and in the process we’d get to work out if there is a role for me to stay involved.

The handover went much more quickly then we expected and by the end of December IRIS had everything they needed and integration with their own products was well underway. It was also apparent that I wasn’t going to fit in to the new structure. I made sure I stayed available until the new product was released. That’s now happened and with the half-year anniversary behind us we’ve now formally parted ways.

Some of my original team have already moved on, but a lot remain. I wish them the best of luck in taking KashFlow to the next level under it’s new owners. There’s still a lot that can be done and many more new customers to be reached.

So what will I do now?

That’s the question I’ve been asked a lot over the past few months as I wound down my involvement with KashFlow. At first I was pretty convinced I’d be starting something else SaaS related – it was just a question of what and when. Growing a business is very fulfilling. I’d also learnt a lot my first time around that would make it a bit easier a second time.

I couldn’t start anything while I was still ‘on call’ for Iris. So instead I’ve stepped up my involvement with the Princes Trust, started investing in and advising a few smaller tech business, gone into prison  to promote entrepreneurship to ex offenders.  But, most enjoyably, I’ve  spent a lot more time with my two daughters than I have for years.

Now I’m not so sure I really do want to start another business. I couldn’t do something if I wasn’t passionate about it, and that would mean I’d have to work full time on it – I wouldn’t be able to do it part time. It’d be all consuming. I’m not ready for that again yet. Maybe in another 6 months I’ll change my mind.

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