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Now that you’re an Entrepreneur…

So you’ve decided to start a business, you are now officially an entrepreneur.

There are a few things you need to do straight away… Read more »

Mumpreneur – a good or a bad word to be using?

There’s a debate raging on Twitter now over the use of the word “Mumpreneur” as a name for a mother that’s an entrepreneur Read more »

Your Vanity is Devaluing LinkedIn

I use Twitter every day. Anyone can follow me, and I’ll follow anyone who looks interesting.

Facebook I use much less frequently and don’t have (or want) many friends on there. It’s more personal/family related, although I do have KashFlow RSS feeds plugged into it. Read more »

Using Social Media DOESN’T Damage Your Job Prospects

There’s been much talk about the impact of your social media presence  on your job prospects. The thinking seems to be that a prospective employer searches your name on Google and discovers your Twitter feed or Facebook profile and is alarmed and disgusted by what you get up to at the weekends, your political views or your drunken photos. Read more »

Stop Talking Twaddle

It amazes me how often I see websites with appallingly bad copy.

If you’re selling to a non-technical audience then pricing your product on gigabytes of data storage is a really bad idea. They don’t know or care how many documents they can store before they hit your 1GB freemium limit and then have to start paying. Read more »

Sci-Fi novels saving the world – ELPs

There’s no shortage of technological innovations that existed in the pages of a Science Fiction novel long before they existed in real life. Read more »

Don’t automate your tweets – please!

I’ve not had a good ol’ rant for a while. So forgive me while I indulge myself.

Something that’s always annoyed me is automated Direct Messages on Twitter. So when you follow someone you get a tweet “sincerely” thanking you for following them. Read more »

Better off on Benefits?

We interviewed someone the other day for a role as an office junior. The interview went well and we discussed the silliness of the “no experience” situation – you’ve got no experience so you can’t get a job, you’ve can’t get a job so you can’t get any experience. Read more »

Distrust Recommendations from Social Networkers

If you’re looking for a new supplier, whether it’s an accountant, a designer or anything else then by far the best route is to ask others you know in business who they’d recommend. Read more »

Are You a Business Card Purist?

Business cards seem to be getting flashier and flashier. I’m seeing more and more cards that are covered in marketing messages, calls to action and sales pitches.

Your business card is NOT a sales brochure so don’t treat it like one. Read more »

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