One of the blogs I like to dip in to occasionally is Fred Wilson’s

A post yesterday caught my eye: Minimum Viable Personality.

It’s worth a read in full but the gist of it is that your business should have a personality. I like to think KashFlow has a personality and it’s what has helped us market ourselves well over the years on a very small budget.

As well as making marketing easier, it also made another very valid point: If your product/business has a personality then it’s viewed by customers as a friend, not a stranger. You forgive friends when they cock up (screw up a change in pricing model, have technical difficulties, etc)

You know your friend isn’t perfect, but you want your friend to win.

This is very important in an early-stage web startup as you WILL make mistakes. And it helps infinitely if your customers/friends are understanding.

The post lists three questions you need to ask yourself to see if your product/business/proposition has personality:

1. How do you change your customers life?

2. What do you stand for?

3. Who or what do you hate?

1 and 2 are nothing new. But 3 – 3 is an interesting one. I don’t see enough companies defining themselves by what they’re not or who they hate.

It’s no secret what KashFlow isn’t and who we hate.

So you think your business has personality? Come on then, who do YOU hate?