So your product is ready for prime time. The bugs are ironed out, the website is updated and your beta testers are happy.

Now it’s time to market it and get to eleventy gajillion users.

It’s tempting to attack all channels at once: Direct Marketing, Telesales, PPC, SEO, Affiliates, Partnerships, Channel Sales, Social Media Marketing.

You probably already know what I’m going to say next: Stop! Focus on just a couple of channels first. You only have finite resources and can only do so much. It’s far better to really zoom in on one channel and focus all your energies there to get as much from it as possible.

But perhaps more important than the input is the output. With a dozen active marketing channels you can only spend a fraction of your time running each one, but also: you can also only spend a fraction of your time learning from each one.

In the early days, this learning process – what works, what doesn’t – is just as important as the number of users you gain from the channel.

If you don’t take your time now to really learn all you can about how a specific channel serves your needs, you’ll only have to pay out again later to learn the lessons.