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Internal Communications in a Growing Startup

Around a year ago this guy turned up. I’ve learned a hell of a lot from him about doing my job as CEO of a fast growing company and I’m hoping to find the time to write more about some of that. But I’ll start with one of the most important lessons I’ve learned, and that’s a lesson about Internal Comms. Read more »

I.P.E.A. – The Four Attributes You Need to Work in a Startup

KashFlow has been going a good few years now and there are over 20 of us here. But we’re still very much a start-up in terms of our culture, the way we work, and the things we’re working on. Read more »

Finding a .com domain name for your startup

>If you’re starting a web-based business you more than likely want a .com domain name.

Quite often you might start with some other domain and once your business starts growing you want to find a .com domain for it.

But all the good .com’s are gone, right? Read more »

A simple yet effective way to get free PR for your startup

When you’re starting a new business, every penny counts. So I thought I’d share a lesson I’ve learnt on how you can get free PR for your business.

Engaging a PR firm can be expensive, doing it yourself can be time consuming and frustrating. Read more »

The Small Things That Make a Big Difference

Last month I had a problem with my Sony Vaio laptop. The touchpad was knackered and needed replacing. A couple of emails back and forth with Sony Support and they arranged to pick it up, repair it and deliver it back to me. When I opened the package at first I thought they’d given me a new laptop – it looked brand new. The screen and chassis was spotlessly clean. A little note fluttered out saying that whilst  they had my laptop  they took the opportunity to give it a thorough clean. Read more »

5 Reasons to Start a Business in a Recession

1) Forced unemployment or redundancy
If you’re unemployed, then great – you have no other demands on your time.

If you are employed, especially by a big company, then there may be a redundancy package on offer. So not only can you leave and get up and running with your new business – but you can do so with some cash.
Read more »

Mexican Shoot-out

I did a podcast interview recently with Alex Bellinger of SmallBizPod fame. He asked me what advice I’d give to someone starting out in business now.

The biggest mistake I made when starting in business was to go 50/50 with somebody else. We both owned exactly half of the business as it seemed the fair and sensible thing to do at the time. Read more »

Starting a Business: Less Ideas, More Action

How many times have you heard (or even had) a good business idea? Probably quite often. When your family and social circle know you’re in business then you’re often the person that hears about the varied business ideas they have. Read more »

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