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I didn’t get any work done today

I had a realisation recently that other founders – especially those of a technical bent – might be able to relate to.

I’d just spent a whole day in various meetings.  As I left for the day and realised my laptop hadn’t even left my man bag I said “I don’t know why I bothered bringing it in, I haven’t done any work today.” Read more »

What People Think Entrepreneurs Actually Do

This made me smile, so I thought a few of you might enjoy it too.

I’d love to give a credit for it, but I’ve no idea where it originated. Read more »

I.P.E.A. – The Four Attributes You Need to Work in a Startup

KashFlow has been going a good few years now and there are over 20 of us here. But we’re still very much a start-up in terms of our culture, the way we work, and the things we’re working on. Read more »

Who Do You Hate?

One of the blogs I like to dip in to occasionally is Fred Wilson’s avc.com.

A post yesterday caught my eye: Minimum Viable Personality. Read more »

Stop going around saying “I’m an Entrepreneur!”

And I thought it was just me and my personal insecurities. But apparently not.

I tweeted something  that hit a nerve for some and resonated with others. Read more »

Email Etiquette – When Harry Met Sally

Most (but not all) of us now know that it’s not a good idea, when emailing lots of people, to put all of their addresses in the To or CC field.

Use BCC so you’re not sharing email addresses without the owners permission.

But there’s another email etiquette ‘rule’ that many people still break: Read more »

3 Marketing Lessons From The Bathroom

When it comes to marketing insight, we’re often told to look to the likes of Apple or Coca-Cola.

Less often mentioned are companies likes Proctor & Gamble or L’Oreal. But these giants have marketing down to a fine art. They need to because they’re operating in a very competitive market where there isn’t really much difference from one shampoo to the next. Read more »

StartUp Britain and the concept of Enlightened Self-Interest

Start Up Britain officially launched this morning and it has been the top trending topic on Twitter for the UK most of today.

Startup Britain has been founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. It’s endorsed by government but not in any way funded or owned by them. Read more »

Finding a .com domain name for your startup

>If you’re starting a web-based business you more than likely want a .com domain name.

Quite often you might start with some other domain and once your business starts growing you want to find a .com domain for it.

But all the good .com’s are gone, right? Read more »

Responsibility: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody

An internal email was just sent to our tech team about a problem, ending with “Can someone look into this?”

It reminded me of a short story about  responsibility: Read more »

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