Due to my background, providing opportunities for prisoners is something I’m keen on. There are a lot of potential entrepreneurs in there.

I’m currently working on something around teaching prisoners skills relevant to the digital economy but was struggling for a name for the CIC we’re setting up. So I asked Twitter.

The responses were too brilliant to not list here, so here we go:

All from the human punning machine that is Ben Southworth:
Escape clause
Array of hope
Release Candidate
git push release
Her Majesty’s Programmers
Porridge and Pixels
Hope in Code
Unlock Code
Escape Characters

Alex BainbridgeCoolerCode

Marcus GreenwoodTechBars, Commiting Changes

Matt SpringbettCode’n Cons, Porridge Logic, Jailhouse Coders

The First MillionPrison <br/> 

Sam SargentThe Great \

James Sherwin-SmithCodeVicts

Alex van Someren: Achievement Unlocked

Andy Young wanted to make sure they’d be building “a REST API

And finally the utterly brilliant On Her Majesty’s Secret Servers offered by Matt Springbett.