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Moving on from KashFlow

Just over six months ago I announced that my business, KashFlow, had been acquired by IRIS.

Going from running the show to working for someone else in a 600 person organisation was always going to be, erm – different! Read more »

The Day That Email Changed Forever

If you’re running a small business you have a lot of email to process. Possibly more so if its a tech business. Some days I feel like I’ve done nothing but deal with emails. Read more »

Leaders vs Managers

You have to do what a manager tells you. But you follow a leader because you want to.

A manager has the formal authority to demand obedience.
A leaders power is informal – she stimulates, convinces and inspires people to follow her. Read more »

Leadership and Creating a Movement [VIDEO]

It’s Friday! So here’s a short (3min) video explaining how a movement grows. Read more »

Internal Communications in a Growing Startup

Around a year ago this guy turned up. I’ve learned a hell of a lot from him about doing my job as CEO of a fast growing company and I’m hoping to find the time to write more about some of that. But I’ll start with one of the most important lessons I’ve learned, and that’s a lesson about Internal Comms. Read more »

Beyond SaaS, The Future Of Software Development and Delivery

Back when I launched KashFlow, my online accounting software business, the phrase “software as a service” hadn’t been coined yet. The recently popular catchall phrase ‘cloud computing’, now frantically highlighted in every marketeer’s notebook, was practically unheard of. iPhones didn’t even exist yet. Read more »

Entrepreneurs in Prison

The front page of the Metro this morning carried a story about prisoners being used as workers by the likes of M&S and other big firms. Read more »

I didn’t get any work done today

I had a realisation recently that other founders – especially those of a technical bent – might be able to relate to.

I’d just spent a whole day in various meetings.  As I left for the day and realised my laptop hadn’t even left my man bag I said “I don’t know why I bothered bringing it in, I haven’t done any work today.” Read more »

What People Think Entrepreneurs Actually Do

This made me smile, so I thought a few of you might enjoy it too.

I’d love to give a credit for it, but I’ve no idea where it originated. Read more »

This Is Our World Now

You know how sometimes a song pops into your head and you can’t get it out until you play it? That happened to me this morning only it wasn’t a song, it was a document… Read more »

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