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Aim for Boring

When you start a business there are lots of peaks of excitement.

There are spikes of traffic and surges of signups.

It’s addictive, and you look forward to the next adrenalin rush.
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SaaS: Choose depth OR breadth, but not both

Last night I read “The Next Wave of SMB SaaS: True Solutions. Priced as Such.“.
I encourage you to read the full article, but I’ll attempt to summarise it with two snippets Read more »

Practical Financial Education for Kids

I like to think I have a decent track record for spotting super UK Startups early on. I pointed at and shouted about DueDil and GoCardless long before they were as well known as they are now.
OK, so I missed Buffer, but everyone missed Buffer! (seriously? scheduled tweets??) Read more »

IoT Gateways – Vera vs Fibaro

A few weeks ago I wrote about Home automation and The Internet of Things (IoT).

TL;DR version: The Internet of Things is already here – and in a big way, but it’s in disguise as “Home Automation”. Not every device needs to be connected directly to the internet. Being connected to a gateway to the internet – a controller – is more than sufficient. In fact, it’s better because the controller can automate all kinds of scenes without being dependent on your internet connection. The dominant protocol for in-house communications is z-wave. The gateway presents z-wave devices as IP-based devices.

I ended that post saying there are two companies that I think can potentially dominate the market for controllers. So without further ado:

The two companies that have the potential to emerge as the victor in the controller market are Fibaro, with its Home Center range. And Vera with its, er, Vera products.
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Techstars Demo Day – Two to Watch

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend some time around TechStars London – from the interview process to find the 11 teams to doing a ‘founders story’ talk Read more »

Internet of Things and Home Automation Convergence

Not exactly the sexiest title for a blog post is it? But if you don’t have an interest in either of those fields then this post is just going to bore you silly anyway. Read more »

Split Testing? I bet you’re making this mistake

If you’re responsible for a website then hopefully you’re doing constant testing to find out what works and what doesn’t. If you are, and you’ve done enough split tests, then you’d have no doubt been in this situation. Read more »

Moving on from KashFlow

Just over six months ago I announced that my business, KashFlow, had been acquired by IRIS.

Going from running the show to working for someone else in a 600 person¬†organisation was always going to be, erm – different! Read more »

The Day That Email Changed Forever

If you’re running a small business you have a lot of email to process. Possibly more so if its a tech business. Some days I feel like I’ve done nothing but deal with emails. Read more »

Leaders vs Managers

You have to do what a manager tells you. But you follow a leader because you want to.

A manager has the formal authority to demand obedience.
A leaders power is informal – she stimulates, convinces and inspires people to follow her. Read more »

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