Recently I got an email from a would-be supplier. He was annoyed that I’d chosen to use another company instead of his and went on to list all the reasons why it was the wrong decision.

I just saw someone on Twitter tell a couple of very happy KashFlow Accounting Software customers (who were tweeting how much they liked it) that KashFlow is “very basic and not very useful” and that they should instead use the product they promote/favour.

In both of those situations, what the sender of the email/tweet is saying to the person they want to sell to boils down to “You’re wrong, you made the wrong choice, you’re an idiot”.

Not the best way to get a new customer or build a relationship.

Instead, tell the person they made a great decision. It’s better to suggest they made the right choice at the time but might want to see what else is out there now that time has passed/their requirements have changed/the market has developed.

You’re much more likely to get a positive response.