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Partnering with SaaS Companies

I often speak to founders who have a new SME-focussed SaaS product they want to bring to market, or an existing solution they want to grow.

Understandably many of┬áthem want to tap in to the installed base of existing and well-established vendors serving the same market and want to know how much commission they should be paying to make it worthwhile. Read more »

Marketing: Do Too Much and You Learn Too Little

So your product is ready for prime time. The bugs are ironed out, the website is updated and your beta testers are happy.

Now it’s time to market it and get to eleventy gajillion users. Read more »

Punning on Prisoners

Due to my background, providing opportunities for prisoners is something I’m keen on. There are a lot of potential entrepreneurs in there.

I’m currently working on something around teaching prisoners skills relevant to the digital economy but was struggling for a name for the CIC we’re setting up. So I asked Twitter. Read more »

My new thing: Supdate

It’s 2 years this month since I sold KashFlow. It’s been a quite couple of years. Moving house, running Cat 6 cables everywhere, playing with home automation/IoT, spending a lot of time with my girls, learning to chill a bit and be less impatient. Read more »

Does that make sense?

If you’re a developer you’ll probably regularly find yourself using phrases like “Does that make sense?” Or show that you understand someone by saying “That makes sense”. You’re hard wired for logic. Read more »

Aim for Boring

When you start a business there are lots of peaks of excitement.

There are spikes of traffic and surges of signups.

It’s addictive, and you look forward to the next adrenalin rush.
Read more »

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