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VATMOSS and Stripe

I remember when the VATMOSS stuff kicked in and how grateful I felt that I was out of the accounting software industry. Now that we’re getting close to having a billable tier for Supdate, I’m having to look even more closely at it. What a complete and utter mess! Read more »

31 Things I Learned About Building a SaaS Business

Over the last few months I’ve sent a lot of emails (mostly solicited!) giving advice to various SaaS startups. I thought it might make sense to try and gather some of it together here.

Some of this will be obvious for you. But I hope at least one point here gets you to think about something you might be able to do better. Read more »

How To Control LightwaveRF Devices from Fibaro HC2

I’ve written before about Vera and Fibaro. I’ve moved from the Vera system to Fibaro Home Center 2. One of the features missing is the ability to control LightwaveRF devices.

I’ve now figured out how to do this with just the addition of a LightwaveRF Wifi Link.

Here’s how. Read more »

SaaS: Choose depth OR breadth, but not both

Last night I read “The Next Wave of SMB SaaS: True Solutions. Priced as Such.“.
I encourage you to read the full article, but I’ll attempt to summarise it with two snippets Read more »

IoT Gateways – Vera vs Fibaro

A few weeks ago I wrote about Home automation and The Internet of Things (IoT).

TL;DR version: The Internet of Things is already here – and in a big way, but it’s in disguise as “Home Automation”. Not every device needs to be connected directly to the internet. Being connected to a gateway to the internet – a controller – is more than sufficient. In fact, it’s better because the controller can automate all kinds of scenes without being dependent on your internet connection. The dominant protocol for in-house communications is z-wave. The gateway presents z-wave devices as IP-based devices.

I ended that post saying there are two companies that I think can potentially dominate the market for controllers. So without further ado:

The two companies that have the potential to emerge as the victor in the controller market are Fibaro, with its Home Center range. And Vera with its, er, Vera products.
Read more »

Internet of Things and Home Automation Convergence

Not exactly the sexiest title for a blog post is it? But if you don’t have an interest in either of those fields then this post is just going to bore you silly anyway. Read more »

The Day That Email Changed Forever

If you’re running a small business you have a lot of email to process. Possibly more so if its a tech business. Some days I feel like I’ve done nothing but deal with emails. Read more »

Beyond SaaS, The Future Of Software Development and Delivery

Back when I launched KashFlow, my online accounting software business, the phrase “software as a service” hadn’t been coined yet. The recently popular catchall phrase ‘cloud computing’, now frantically highlighted in every marketeer’s notebook, was practically unheard of. iPhones didn’t even exist yet. Read more »

This Is Our World Now

You know how sometimes a song pops into your head and you can’t get it out until you play it? That happened to me this morning only it wasn’t a song, it was a document… Read more »

Email Etiquette – When Harry Met Sally

Most (but not all) of us now know that it’s not a good idea, when emailing lots of people, to put all of their addresses in the To or CC field.

Use BCC so you’re not sharing email addresses without the owners permission.

But there’s another email etiquette ‘rule’ that many people still break: Read more »

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