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31 Things I Learned About Building a SaaS Business

Over the last few months I’ve sent a lot of emails (mostly solicited!) giving advice to various SaaS startups. I thought it might make sense to try and gather some of it together here.

Some of this will be obvious for you. But I hope at least one point here gets you to think about something you might be able to do better. Read more »

Stop going around saying “I’m an Entrepreneur!”

And I thought it was just me and my personal insecurities. But apparently not.

I tweeted something  that hit a nerve for some and resonated with others. Read more »

Your Vanity is Devaluing LinkedIn

I use Twitter every day. Anyone can follow me, and I’ll follow anyone who looks interesting.

Facebook I use much less frequently and don’t have (or want) many friends on there. It’s more personal/family related, although I do have KashFlow RSS feeds plugged into it. Read more »

Remove that Twitter badge from your website – Now!

I got asked last week why we don’t have a Twitter badge on our website. I think the asker assumed it was an oversight.

It isn’t. Read more »

Using Social Media DOESN’T Damage Your Job Prospects

There’s been much talk about the impact of your social media presence  on your job prospects. The thinking seems to be that a prospective employer searches your name on Google and discovers your Twitter feed or Facebook profile and is alarmed and disgusted by what you get up to at the weekends, your political views or your drunken photos. Read more »

Four things You Probably Don’t Know About Twitter

Here are four things I found out about Twitter that aren’t immediately obvious, so hopefully they may be of use to you too. Read more »

Don’t automate your tweets – please!

I’ve not had a good ol’ rant for a while. So forgive me while I indulge myself.

Something that’s always annoyed me is automated Direct Messages on Twitter. So when you follow someone you get a tweet “sincerely” thanking you for following them. Read more »

It’s not who you know, it’s who who you know knows

>With all the hype surrounding Twitter at the moment, it’s easy for people  to overlook some of the other very useful sites out there. Especially if you’re new to business and/or social networking. Read more »

Monetizing Twitter and Dealing with the Noise

Over the years I’ve ended up on so many mailing lists and newsletters, most of which just get deleted as soon as they hit my inbox. At some point I really should go through the unsubscribe options. Read more »

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