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Sepp Blatter Business Lessons

I don’t watch football. I’ve just never got the appeal of 20 men covered in mud chasing a bit of leather around a field. But you can’t avoid the whole FIFA stuff that’s all over the news at the moment. Read more »

SaaS: Choose depth OR breadth, but not both

Last night I read “The Next Wave of SMB SaaS: True Solutions. Priced as Such.“.
I encourage you to read the full article, but I’ll attempt to summarise it with two snippets Read more »

Entrepreneurs in Prison

The front page of the Metro this morning carried a story about prisoners being used as workers by the likes of M&S and other big firms. Read more »

This Is Our World Now

You know how sometimes a song pops into your head and you can’t get it out until you play it? That happened to me this morning only it wasn’t a song, it was a document… Read more »

Who Do You Hate?

One of the blogs I like to dip in to occasionally is Fred Wilson’s

A post yesterday caught my eye: Minimum Viable Personality. Read more »

Stop going around saying “I’m an Entrepreneur!”

And I thought it was just me and my personal insecurities. But apparently not.

I tweeted something  that hit a nerve for some and resonated with others. Read more »

Email Etiquette – When Harry Met Sally

Most (but not all) of us now know that it’s not a good idea, when emailing lots of people, to put all of their addresses in the To or CC field.

Use BCC so you’re not sharing email addresses without the owners permission.

But there’s another email etiquette ‘rule’ that many people still break: Read more »

#LondonRiots – maybe this is the “why?”

As I’m writing this on Monday evening, London is having it’s third night of riots and fires.

The news channels are already making a big deal about the ages of some of the people children involved and asking random people: “Why oh why oh why??”.

Well maybe here are some clues: Read more »

StartUp Britain and the concept of Enlightened Self-Interest

Start Up Britain officially launched this morning and it has been the top trending topic on Twitter for the UK most of today.

Startup Britain has been founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. It’s endorsed by government but not in any way funded or owned by them. Read more »

Stay Small, Earn a Wage but Nothing More

So we’re a couple of weeks away from the latest change to the VAT rate. For businesses like mine that sell mainly to other VAT registered businesses it’s not too big a deal. Read more »

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