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Timing Matters

Pass through London Bridge mainline station during any evening rush hour and you’ll see someone from one of the shops there trying to get you to take a free sample of their food. Not once have I ever seen anyone stop and take anything. Read more »

SEO vs Public Relations

There was a thread on UKBF recently asking for recommendations on PR companies. Someone suggested the money would be better spent on SEO – a debate ensued over what was best, PR or SEO. Read more »

The Small Things That Make a Big Difference

Last month I had a problem with my Sony Vaio laptop. The touchpad was knackered and needed replacing. A couple of emails back and forth with Sony Support and they arranged to pick it up, repair it and deliver it back to me. When I opened the package at first I thought they’d given me a new laptop – it looked brand new. The screen and chassis was spotlessly clean. A little note fluttered out saying that whilst  they had my laptop  they took the opportunity to give it a thorough clean. Read more »

The Chocolate With a Personality Disorder

Most books on marketing and branding  will tell you that you need to “position” a product and you should avoid associating the product with anything that conflicts with that brand positioning. (At least, I’m assuming they do. I don’t think I’ve read any!). Read more »

Hijackable Marketing

Back in the dark old days of the internet, Compuserve hoped to have everyone connect to the net via their service. Rather than all these horrible double-you double-yew double-ewe dot names you’d just have Compuserve keywords. Read more »

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