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31 Things I Learned About Building a SaaS Business

Over the last few months I’ve sent a lot of emails (mostly solicited!) giving advice to various SaaS startups. I thought it might make sense to try and gather some of it together here.

Some of this will be obvious for you. But I hope at least one point here gets you to think about something you might be able to do better. Read more »

Split Testing? I bet you’re making this mistake

If you’re responsible for a website then hopefully you’re doing constant testing to find out what works and what doesn’t. If you are, and you’ve done enough split tests, then you’d have no doubt been in this situation. Read more »

Who Do You Hate?

One of the blogs I like to dip in to occasionally is Fred Wilson’s

A post yesterday caught my eye: Minimum Viable Personality. Read more »

3 Marketing Lessons From The Bathroom

When it comes to marketing insight, we’re often told to look to the likes of Apple or Coca-Cola.

Less often mentioned are companies likes Proctor & Gamble or L’Oreal. But these giants have marketing down to a fine art. They need to because they’re operating in a very competitive market where there isn’t really much difference from one shampoo to the next. Read more »

You’re Wrong and You Are An Idiot

Recently I got an email from a would-be supplier. He was annoyed that I’d chosen to use another company instead of his and went on to list all the reasons why it was the wrong decision. Read more »

Your Vanity is Devaluing LinkedIn

I use Twitter every day. Anyone can follow me, and I’ll follow anyone who looks interesting.

Facebook I use much less frequently and don’t have (or want) many friends on there. It’s more personal/family related, although I do have KashFlow RSS feeds plugged into it. Read more »

Remove that Twitter badge from your website – Now!

I got asked last week why we don’t have a Twitter badge on our website. I think the asker assumed it was an oversight.

It isn’t. Read more »

Stop Talking Twaddle

It amazes me how often I see websites with appallingly bad copy.

If you’re selling to a non-technical audience then pricing your product on gigabytes of data storage is a really bad idea. They don’t know or care how many documents they can store before they hit your 1GB freemium limit and then have to start paying. Read more »

A simple yet effective way to get free PR for your startup

When you’re starting a new business, every penny counts. So I thought I’d share a lesson I’ve learnt on how you can get free PR for your business.

Engaging a PR firm can be expensive, doing it yourself can be time consuming and frustrating. Read more »

What’s your viral coefficient?

I attended a shareholders meeting last night for a small start-up.

The marketing manager mentioned their “viral coefficient”.

I had to raise my hand and ask what a viral coefficient actually is. The embarrassment was only slightly lessened when the majority of other people in the room confessed they’d never heard of it either. Read more »

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